Ways to make money online that you SHOULD try

Ways to make money online that you SHOULD try Featured

EconomyVN - Surely, many times you searched on Google "how to make money online" or "make money online" and the site guides would not have appeared to show you how to make money fast and prestigious. Promises to answer any questions, even add a few words of very attractive offer: "You just let me create your account, then every day just click to make money" or as "You just do, I send the link to register, after registration, I will show all"

Do not be fooled by such an offer on how to make money online so easy.

Frankly, I also met such things as researching online monetizing world, and I have followed such an offer like that. Between a full matrix, where to find a reputable way to make money online?

Making money online is really easy?

Over many times involved in many areas to make money online, I have little experience. According to my own opinion, there are ways you should or should not participate, the reason I will soon present in detail below.

5 Ways to make money online you should not join

1. PTC (paid to click)

This form is well known from the past to present and then, there are some people earn money, a few dozen to more than a hundred dollars per one month, but the number of white hands after months make it even for big scam page.

I do not encourage this way to make money online because of time lost, to look for someone to become a referral and commission from subordinates. No additional knowledge. More likely to be fooled by scam sites.

2. Read advertising mail

Way to make money online is also quite popular abroad, each day you will receive one series of promotional emails and your task is to read every email and get points. Similar to PTC, I do not recommend that you make money in this way, the scam is much more than legit, time lost to check the mail and earn little.

3. Document upload (PTU)

Way to make money online is also quite good, you share your personal documents, if other people see your needed document, they will pay to download and you get the money.

Despite good form, you can get into trouble with copyright. Especially if you upload other people's materials to make money, you can get in trouble with the law.

4. Securities, Foreign Exchange (Forex), Betting

Way to make money online can help you make money fast, but not sustainable, high risks and are more likely to bear legal responsibility, if not careful.

Some other forms such as referring friends to the system and then writing a lot, upload photos to make money, make money by referring people to access the site,etc. Most of them are scams, very few reputable sites and the ability to earn extra income in a sustainable way is very low.

So how to find a way to make money online prestigiously and effectively?

5 Ways to make money online you should join

I have researched to make money online for a long time, there are forms that after a process of understanding, I encourage you to consider and participate. Because the forms not only help you increase knowledge but also provide a sustainable source of income and unlimited long term. How much income depends entirely on your ability. But one thing for sure is the ability to make money online is absolutely possible, but not fraud as most people think.

1. Developing themed sites and placing ads

Imagine, if you own a site with thousands of hits per day, the companies want to place ads on your website? Surely yes, right?

The more hits then the higher your ad, earnings several hundred to several thousand dollars for one month from placing ads on your site is entirely possible. This way to make money online is the most widely used.

2. Create a product and attract traffic

Think about it, if you have a great product and a Web site with 2,000 hits per day, just 5% of your visitors with your purchase, you can earn profits from 100 visitors, fully automatically, and regardless of day and night. Your traditional stores can do this?

Your only task is to attract as many hits as possible every day.

3. Join Google Adsense PPC program

Google will pay you hundreds to thousands of dollars for their ad click from your site each month. Your only task is to find topics and attract traffic to your site. The ads you place on your pages are close to your website topic, the ability to make money will be higher.

The core issue of how to make money online is that you must choose the correct niche market, and attract a lot of hits.

4. Make money by providing content on mobile with WAP / SMS / APP

Making money on mobile is considered the easiest way, but offers greater sales efficiency. Many of you have income up to a few thousand dollars per one month with 1 wap site (website for mobile).

Make money online with affiliate

5. Join affiliate marketing

This is a way to make money online with affiliate marketing or collaborators. With this method, you do not need to create the product, just select the best products from other companies and promote them. You will receive a commission for every product sold from your link. Commission on how to make money online is relatively high (30-70%), even with a 90% commission.

This is one way to make money online is a lot of internet marketers preferred for its ability to bring its sustainable income.


Through above small review, I hope you have better insight about making money online and can choose the way that suits you.

Danny Nguyen

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