EconomyVN - The US largest airline - Delta Air Lines is facing a crisis following a serious computer problem.

3 days ago, the entire US computer systems of Delta Air Lines were paralyzed in at least 8 hours, making a total of more than 2,100 flights canceled, not to mention the delayed flights. Hundreds of thousands of passengers around the world were affected. Phone line at Delta Air Lines headquarters (Atlanta, USA) is "burnt" for receiving too many complaints about the incident.

CEO Delta Air Lines quickly appeared in an interview on television to share frankly the problem which caused the entire operations of the company over the world stalled.

In next 72 hours after the incident, Delta Air Lines system was restored. The cause was determined by malfunctions in the electrical system of main operating centers of Delta Air Lines made its entire server system paralyzed, affecting hundreds of thousands of passengers.

However, the computer disaster recovering experts suppose that the multi-million dollar system of the aircraft carrier can not easily be paralyzed, that's not to mention that the standby system did not contribute what to troubleshoot. Moreover, if an electrical malfunction caused the collapsed entire system of Delta Air Lines, the experts suppose Delta Air Lines will be very vulnerable to network security threats from hackers.

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