Nikkei index rose, leading to increase Asian market

Nikkei index rose, leading to increase Asian market

On Monday, the Japanese stock reported the biggest daily revenue in four months, erasing last week's losses due to concerns of Brexit.

Nikkei index of Japanese Stock Average closed up +4% amid rising expectations for a new fiscal stimulus package, will recovery economy, the third largest one in the world. The move appears to the best daily revenue for Japanese shares from March 2nd, when the benchmark rose 4.1%.

Elsewhere in the region, S&P / ASX 200 Australia closed +2%, South Korean's Kospi Index rose 1.3%, while the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong rose 1.6%. In China, the Shanghai Composite Index was up 0.2%.

Japanese stocks soared after Sunday, the ruling coalition of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, headed by Liberal Democratic Party, improved its control of the upper house. Accordingly, coalition's firmer grip simply, which means that policy makers are more freedom when they approve the fiscal stimulus package.

On Monday, Mr. Abe said on Tuesday, his cabinet will have plans for a stimulus package, although he did not specify the size.

Prospects of economic stimulus policies encourage market participants, who were cheered by the spirit of the US jobs data that was stronger than expected on Friday.

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