The BOJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda informed that the country’s major financial institution might apply financial technology known as fintech to its financial operations in the future. The given measure has been already justified by surging influence on global payments, settlements as well as financial services.

The Bank of Japan is geared up towards leading research and analysis for the purpose of promoting fintech in Japan, considering the fact that it’s already facing a number of implications for central banking, as Kuroda revealed at a seminar hosted by the BOJ on fintech on Tuesday.

The BOJ is about to make its best efforts in order to back up the sound development of fintech to spur the welfare of financial service users and also economic activities.

Fintech involves newly enabled technologies, which companies utilize to make financial services more effective.

Japan is currently moving to ease investment limits, which could free up the flow of capital in the national economy already sitting on an estimated $9 trillion in individuals' cash deposits.

Japan August manufacturing output goes up for the first time in six months

Japanese manufacturing activity demonstrated obvious signs of steadying in August. The country’s output surged for the first time for six months. That’s undoubtedly a tentative sign that the national economy might be reviving from a tumble earlier this year, a private poll  showed on Tuesday.

In August, the IHS Markit/Nikkei Japan Flash Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index also known as PMI ascended to 49.6 from a final 49.3 in July on a seasonally adjusted basis.

Additionally, the headline index stood below the 50 threshold, separating contraction from expansion for the sixth month, but the rate of drop was slight.

The index for output edged up to a preliminary 50.6 from 49.4 last month. While marginal, it would simply point out to the first soar since February when confirmed in revised data.

Besides this, output dared to expand for the first time for six months. Simultaneously, companies also saw softer drops in total new work as well as export sales. 


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