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Australian stocks go up at close of trade

On Wednesday, Australian stocks tacked on after the close, as revenues in the Metals & Mining, IT and Resources sectors brought shares up.

The S&P/ASX 200 managed to gain 0.11% at the close in Australia.

The best performers of the trading session on the S&P/ASX 200 included Ardent Leisure Group with its 14% soar at 2.850, Isentia Group Ltd with its 13.99% growth at 3.545 as well as Sirtex Medical Ltd, rising 12.05% at 34.825.

As for the worst performers of that session, we should point out to Blackmores Ltd with its 18.59% descend to 130.950, Mcmillan Shakespeare Ltd with its 10.61% drop to 13.095 and A2 Milk Company Ltd, tumbling 6.39% to 2.050.

Dropping shares managed to outclass advancing ones on the Australia Stock Exchange by 562 to 541, while 314 stood still.

The S&P/ASX 200 VIX, measuring the implied volatility of S&P/ASX 200 options, sank 3.71% to 12.339.

The currency pair AUD/USD descended 0.16%, being worth 0.7603, while AUD/JPY dropped 0.03%, trading at 76.32.

Taiwan shares head south at close of trade

Taiwan stocks edged down after the close, because losses in the Gas and Electricity, Financials and Oil sectors brought stocks down.

The Taiwan Weighted dipped 0.15% at the close in Taiwan.  

As for the best performers of the trading session, we should enumerate Transasia with its 10% rise at  6.71, Pan Intl Ind with its 9.98% ascend at 23.70 as well as Cybertan, which surged 9.95%, trading at  21.00.

The worst performers are represented by Favite with its 6.78% slump to 15.80, Tong-Hwa Synth with its 5.87% decline to 4.33 as well as Jye Tai Precision Industrial Co Ltd, heading south 4.78%, trading at 13.95.

Sagging shares outperformed soaring ones on the Taiwan Stock Exchange by 404 to 333, while 115 remained intact.

Stocks in Pan Intl Ind edged up to 52-week peaks, earning 9.98%, being worth 23.70.

October delivery crude futures tumbled 1.60%, trading at $47.33 per barrel. Meanwhile, October delivery Brent crude futures sank 1.34%, being worth $49.29 per barrel.


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