Making money online (MMO) through Google Adsense is a form of common and many people have earned alot. The following list of 10 sites will help you very much in the way of your online business. You can follow Top 10 below blogs, refer to their ideas and creatively use your blog/website.

Today, individuals and businesses who want to promote your online brand because they understand the power of the Internet. The popular online advertising channel, such as Google Adwords, Facebook Adwords ... and especially Google Adsense ads when they repeatedly appear on the website according to Cookie feature.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a biggest monetization program which power by Google, If your application or blog is approved by Google for publish Adsense ads on your site, They will pay you pay per click, Means its a PPC network. It is the opposite part of Google Adwords, Google Adsense is really great way and also the first choice for earn money online, You can make money using your blog, your application and many other legal ways.

This similar monetization program like BuySellAds, or Yahoo media, Infolink, Chitika, But all are working with different way, This is paying on Pay per Click method, BuySellAds is paying you on selling spaces, paying you on page views, But this is most popular from all above.

How Can I Make Money Using Google Adsense

If you are thinking about choosing this platform for earning, then you can also choose it, To be continue before going deep in this topic, We wanna give you some info on making money using this, Yes You can earn using this, So for this first you must create a Blogspot or a custom domain blog,.

Just write some quality content, then Apply your blog or application to Google Adsense Team, If they think that your application is useful for people, Then they will give you its account and you can publish ads on your blog and enjoy earning day by day with more quality traffic.

10 GA MMO experts are following:


1. Courtney Rosen


Earning: $soon

Daily Page Views: 38,210,000

Daily Unique Visitors: 4,770,000

Alexa Rank: 223

Registered In: 1999

Blog About – Online How to Stuff, how to guide web, Tutorials


2. Pete Cashmore


Earning: $soon

Daily Page Views: 29,210,000

Daily Unique Visitors: 3,800,000

Alexa Rank: 290

Registered In: 2005

About: Tech, Technology, Daily lifestyle, business and world


3. Shawn Hogan


Earning: $ soon

Daily Page Views: 26,210,000

Daily Unique Visitors: 3,200,000

Alexa Rank: 325

Registered In: 1999

About: World Biggest forum on marketing, blogging and SEO guide,


4. Markus Frind


Earning: $250,000/monthDaily Page Views: 26,100,000

Daily Page Views: 26,100,000Daily Unique Visitors: 3,300,000

Daily Unique Visitors: 3,300,000Alexa Rank: 322

Alexa Rank: 322Registered In: 2000

Registered In: 2000About: Online dating around the world

About: Online dating around the world


5. Kevin Rose


Earning: $soon/month

Daily Page Views: 15,200,000

Daily Unique Visitors: 1,900,000

Alexa Rank: 560

Registered In: 2000

About: Sharing blogs and contents


6. Michael Arrington


Earning: $150,000/month

Daily Page Views: 13,100,000

Daily Unique Visitors: 2,100,000

Alexa Rank: 510

Registered In: 2011

About: New Technology


7. Perez Hilton


Daily Unique Visitors: 1,110,000

Earning: $100,000/month

Daily Page Views: 8,210,000

Alexa Rank: 1035

Registered In: 2005

About: Celebrities activity


8. Jeremy Schoemaker


Earning: $80,000/month

Daily Page Views: 410,000

Daily Unique Visitors: 70,000

Alexa Rank: 14960

Registered In: 2003

About: Skills to pay the bills


9. Amit Agarwal


Earning: $50,000/month

Daily Page Views: 3,100,000

Daily Unique Visitors: 390,000

Alexa Rank: 2733

Registered In: 2007

About: Technology Blog


10. Pankaj Agarwal


Earning: $20,000/month

Daily Page Views: 1,900,000

Daily Unique Visitors: 230,000

Alexa Rank: 4500

Registered In: 2003

About: Buying and Selling Ads

The statistics might not be completely accurate, the current statistics may change slightly. Also, we still know another one: ViralNova makes money with Google Adsense over $ 300,000 / month.

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Chinese state companies will dump some costly social burdens by 2018

Chinese government-run enterprises are on the verge of getting rid of some costly social functions such as water, heating as well as power supplies by 2018. That’s what the state asset regulator told on Monday. It’s going to be part of broader efforts aimed at rejuvenating its lumbering state sector.     

Beijing has decided to make its state companies more competitive and stronger. In a reform plan issued the previous year the government stated that it would give birth to multi-channel funding as well as  appropriate cost-sharing mechanisms to assist them in relinquishing their costly social burdens.

The vast majority of Chinese giant state companies left government departments, while many have retained the government's original social as well as administrative responsibilities, providing not only power and heat to local communities, but also retirement homes, schools, police services as well as pensions.

Chinese Internet regulator fines websites over reporting

China's Internet regulator has already fined several websites for violating Internet publication rules and also ordered them to rectify the pages running news stories built around on their own reporting.

Strict government rules limiting the publication online of so-called self-edited news as well as information have been mostly ignored, with many websites running reporting operations.

The enforcement of the rules proved to be the latest move by the administration of President Xi Jinping to strengthen the ruling Communist Party's firm grip on the overall flow of news as well as information.

Such websites run by Phoenix New Media Ltd's iFeng, Sina Corp, Netease Inc, Inc,  as well as  others had engaged in a series of actions seriously violating regulations and had a completely mean effect, as state media reported.

Those websites were ordered to thoroughly correct their wrongdoing. Sure, they couldn’t dodge administrative fines. 

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