YouTube Partner is a program of youtube which was born in 2009 from some developed country such as USA, UK, Canada, … then grows strongly in Asia.

Youtube provides full of tools and knowledge for people to earn money by the videos they upload. As the member of the web, youtube gives the ads code in the user’s videos and when somebody watches that, the corresponding ads will display. If the visitor clicks on the ads, the video’s owner will get money through this program.

Recently, the number of Youtube Partner in Asia increases exponentially. Many forums and user pages share this program as the way to earn money online. If you are interested in this field, you can join to learn how to proceed from the Internet. And you are reading the 2nd lesson from that series.

Becoming a youtube partner

To become a youtube partner, it is so easy and to begin, at least, you need something like:

  • A Gmail account
  • A youtube channel
  • A video (download from the web, it is not  necessary to create, but it is better to do it yourself)

After that, the next step is sending a registration form to youtube partner and waiting for the approval with 99% success. Besides that, you can register to earn from video by Network for the newbie.

Becoming a youtube partner is not important, the great thing is that can you succeed on your path? Because, besides the passion, you need money to grow your dream, so remember:

  • Follow passion and success will follow you
  • Just longing, just be nice.

Now, switch to the next!

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