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Yahoo empire collapsed: why?

2 days ago, Verizon Telecom Group succeeded in the acquisition of Yahoo for more than $ 4.8 billion, thereby assessing the end of a time-tech empire.

In 2008, Microsoft sent the offer to buy Yahoo for $44.8 billion. But at that time, Yahoo's leadership has refused, thinking that might back the heyday of the company. But 2 days ago, Verizon telecommunications group has officially succeeded in acquiring Yahoo for more than $4.8 billion, the price is only 1/9 as compared with the peak period.

A big question many people are being laid out, for whatever reason a company used to be a time-tech empire, could not brake so downhill? According to several newspapers in the US technology, the end of Yahoo has major responsibility of Marissa Mayer CEO. Since leaving Google to Yahoo, Ms. Marissa has not improved an array of online advertising, search array is not progressing, prompting Wall Street investors to turn away.

Contrary to the view, Tech Crunch papers argue that the failure of the firm does not belong to any individual. Tech Crunch said that "backstabber" of Yahoo is a shift of technology platform, which is specifically the introduction of the iPhone. Instead of having to sit on the new computer to go to Yahoo's Web, and taking hours to download some contents, users can open a hundred pages while just walking down the street and just need a phone.

Marissa MayerMarissa Mayer could not save shipwreck Yahoo

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